July 20, 2024, Saturday
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Nepal records more than 38 percent paddy plantation

The Nepal Weekly
July 9, 2024

As the monsoon gained momentum, paddy transplantation continued to move ahead steadily across Nepal. As of Sunday, paddy cultivation has reached 38.6 percent, covering 539,766 hectares of land in all seven provinces, according to Department of Agriculture.

The highest rice plantation percentage is reported in Sudur Paschim at 54.2 percent, while the lowest is in Madhes at 25.5 percent as of July 7. It was 34.4 percent in Koshi, 40.2 percent in Bagmati, 49.7 percent in Gandaki, 44.4 percent in Lumbini, and 47.5 percent in Karnali.

Overall, rice is cultivated on a total of 1,398,273 hectares of land nationwide, with the largest area in Madhesh Province covering 383,150 hectares, and the smallest in Karnali at 41,904 hectares.

Till July 9, 2023, Nepal had witnessed 42.9 percent rice plantation, according to the government data.

Annually, Nepal produces an average of 5,700,000 metric tons of rice, while the demand stands at 6,200,000 metric tons, according to officials at the Department.