July 20, 2024, Saturday
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Australian tourists show growing interest on Nepal

The Nepal Weekly
June 18, 2024

Recent trends indicate a growing interest among Australian visitors in Nepal as a potential popular tourist destination. Statistics from the Department of Tourism reveal a significant increase in the number of Australian tourists visiting Nepal in the recent period.

According to the data released by the Nepal Tourism Board, Australian tourists ranked sixth in visitor coming to Nepal, with 3,421 arrivals in January 2023. The data shows that India topped the list with 24,139 tourists, followed by China with 7,267, and America with 7,047 visitors. Thailand, South Korea, and Bangladesh followed closely with 4,619, 3,812, and 3,629 arrivals respectively.

According to data of the Tourism Board, the number of Australian visitors in January, February, March, and April of 2023 were 3,828, 3,635, 2,969, and 3,441 respectively. Comparatively, in 2024, these numbers were 4,110, 4,345, 2,976, and 3,421 for the same months. 

Despite the wake-up phase post-COVID-19 losses, the figures indicate a relatively stable trend compared to previous years. Australia has notably advanced in the countrywide visitor rankings, reflecting sustained interest and participation in Nepal’s tourism sector.

In the mean, time, Nepali tourism entrepreneurs are organising various programmes aimed at luring more Australian tourists to the country.

Dhaulagiri Adventure, a tourism entrepreneurs’ company, hosted a programme in Melbourne, Australia in the participation of local authorities to invite them to Nepal.

The adventure company organised 71st Everest International Festival on May 29 in the participation of Non-Resident Nepali Associations, Australian, American and African visitors were in attendance, according to Dan Ghising, managing director of the adventure. 

Peter Khalil, Federal MP for Wills, Deputy Mayor Cr. Lambros Tapinos and others participated at the programme and expressed their commitment to support Nepali tourism entrepreneurship, informed Ghising.

Recently, tourism entrepreneurs have been increasingly targeting Australian visitors as they are capable to spend more because of higher incomes. This strategic focus aims to attract visitors who are willing to spend more during their stay in Nepal.

Ghising informed that Australian tourists were also drawn to Nepal due to the strong presence of the Nepali community there. He added that they were particularly keen on mountain tourism, trekking adventures, and were interested in Nepal’s agriculture tourism. Ghising emphasised that increasing tourist numbers in Nepal would significantly benefit the Nepalese economy.