May 27, 2024, Monday
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Durbarmarg and Thamel are now open for 24 hours

The Nepal Weekly
April 16, 2024

Thamel and Darbarmarg areas, major tourist hubs of the federal capital, are now open for 24 hours beginning from Baishakh 1. Following the instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane, the District Administration Office Kathmandu has chalked out a code of conduct to allow business in the area round the clock from the 1st of Baisakh. The tourist police will be made more systematic and effective within the special security plan prepared to operate night business in the Thamel and Darbarmarg areas. As Thamel is a residential area not only for businessmen but also for local residents, arrangements have been made n such a way that would not affect life of the locals. A code of conduct has been prepared including controlling the noise pollution during night time entertainment business. 

In order to prevent the lack of transportation means, city buses, taxis, and online vehicles are being arranged to open the area round the clock. Security, parking management, internal security and other arrangements have been arranged. Kathmandu Police has prepared to deploy police in three shifts at Thamel and Darbarmarg. Currently, it is being deployed in two shifts.

All night businesses should have private security guards, security cameras and lighting mandatory. Also, bars and discos have mandatory soundproofing standards. Those who do not meet the criteria will not be allowed to operate the business overnight. Earlier, the police had fixed the time limits for small shops to operate till 10 am, restaurants till 12 pm, lounges till 2 am and discos and clubs till 4 am.