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Innovative technology and collaborative efforts required to address water crisis: Minister Basnet

The Nepal Weekly
March 19, 2024
Minister Basnet inaugurating the seminar

Rainwater harvesting presents practical solutions to mitigate water scarcity, improve agricultural productivity and build resilience against the impacts of climate change,” remarked Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation.

“I recognize the crucial role of innovative technology, collaborative partnership and effective policies in addressing challenges of water conservation,” minister Basnet said while inaugurating the two day Regional Conference on “Rainwater Harvesting and Management: Harnessing Rainwater for Enhanced Water Security and Climate Resilience” that kicked off in Lalitpur district on Monday.

Nepal with its rich water resources holds immense potential to harness rainwater for enhanced water security and climate resilience, he pointed out.

During the programme experts underscored the need to forge collaboration among various stakeholders to reduce the negative impacts of changing pattern of rain water as a result of climate change on the sources of water.

As the sources of water are being dried up and the snow is melting in an increasing pace 5.7 billion human population of the world will be facing acute shortage of water at least for a moth in a year by the year 2050, they warned.

During the regional conference around two dozen working papers are being presented to address various issues relating to rain water harvesting and water management.

The participants also stressed on the need to address the issues related to water security, climate resilient rainwater harvesting and cost effective as well as sustainable water access.  A host of speakers including former Minister for Science Ganesh Shah, IRHA president Han Heijnen, former Vice-chancellor of NAST Sunil Babu Shrestha among others expressed their views during the inaugural of the programme chaired by Ramdeep Shah, chairman of Smart Pani Solutions, the main organizer of the event.

The conference is aimed at providing an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange o regional experiences, good practices, research, knowledge, and technologies related to rainwater harvesting and management within the region.

Around one hundreds sanitation experts, government officials, engineers, researchers and students from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan are attending the conference.