July 25, 2024, Thursday
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Except Susta and Kalapani there is no border issue between Nepal and India: FM Saud

The Nepal Weekly
January 30, 2024

“No force can damage the age old friendly relations existing between Nepal and India even though there are ups and downs in government to government relations from time to time as they are made by history and geography and bind together by common culture and people to people ties,” remarked Foreign Minister N.P. Saud. “The two countries are intimately dependent on each other,” he maintained.

“Therefore, we should utilize the relations in our favour to achieve development, peace and stability for the country,” pointed out Saud speaking as chief guest at an interaction programme organized by Nepal – Bharat Friendship Society in Kathmandu on Sunday on the occasion of 75th Republic Day of India.

Though Nepal is sandwiched between two big neighbours, India and China we never compare our relations with one neighbour to the other, Foreign Minister Saud said adding Nepal can benefit from its relations with both the southern and northern neighbour as well as other friendly countries such as USA and Japan.

As there is around 1,800 km long open border between Nepal and India, some dispute and debate relating to the border is inevitable between the two neighoburs, but the joint technical committee of the two countries have sorted out most of disputes,” Saud pointed out. Susta and Kalapani-Lipulekh are the only two border point, which need to be resolved and the two countries can sit together to sort out the differences in a cordial manner through dialogue,” said Saud. “Instead of making this a big political issue, we can work together and work out a concrete solution in this regard,” he maintained.