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BP was deprived of practicing social and political justice

The Nepal Weekly
September 12, 2023

Political leaders and experts on Monday expressed their views on the topic of ’15 Years Missed by BP’ on the second day of the ‘BP Literary Festival-2080’ being organized at the NC party headquarters in Sanepa.

Facilitated by Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa, experts Hari Sharma, Bipin Adhikari and Manchala Jha among others expressed their views on ‘15 years that BP was deprived of’.

Former political advisor to Girija Prasad Koirala Hari Sharma said that due to political prejudice, BP led the government with a two-thirds majority, but could not put the theoretical concept of democratic socialism into practice as the government could not function for the entire term.

Adhikari, who is also a senior advocate, said that BP was deprived of practicing social and political justice and rule of law.

Manchala Jha recalled that the BP-led government worked to put into practice inclusiveness and equality and pointed out the need for its policies to be implemented by today’s youths.

Fifteen different topics are being discussed in the three-day BP Literary Festival that started on Sunday. An inspiring film on supreme leader of the 1990 movement Ganesh Man Singh was also screened on the occasion. The three day literary festival that kicked off on Sunday will continue till Tuesday with the participation of thousands of people.