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Nepali films makers should target global audience: Manisha Koirala

The Nepal Weekly
September 5, 2023

The three-day-long Kathmandu Kalinga Literary Festival attended by guests from various sections of Nepal and India including actors, media persons, writers, and politicians among others, concluded at the Himalayan Hotel on Sunday.

The festival featured a wide range of discussions spanning literature, cinema, tourism, and regional politics among others. Dozens of sessions were conducted during the three days festival covering all aspects of life.

Legendary actress Manisha Koirala also joined the festival. Speaking on the occasion Manisha said that “a story or a movie happening around you, should be related to you. If the story of any cinema meets one’s heart, there is a sense of belonging. Movies can also contribute to our lives and show us many aspects including sadness, values, values, thoughts and ideas”.

“Right now I’m doing a web-series for Netflix. Due to OTT broadcasting, this does not happen in any specific place, it happens all over the world. Even OTT operators say that whichever country has a story, it should be linked to the motherland. If the story of Nepal is told at the international level, then we would like to see what the culture is like and what the life is like here. Therefore, it is necessary to make a pleasant film for any country,” remarked Manisha.

“I was associated with Bollywood with the cine industry around the nineties. In the last 30 years of experience, many changes and developments have taken place. Many melodramatic films were made at that time. Looking at the old photographs, Malai still laughs at the dressing sense of that time. Now many things have undergone changes, she added.

“Nowadays, the practice of depicting reality in cinema has increased a lot. Movies made on real subjects from all over the world are fascinating, she pointed out. “The more realistic the presentation is, the more pleasing it will be.”

“Cinema has now become like a global film. All cinemas are accessible on cell phone and internet. That’s why Nepali cinema should also be made targeting people from all over the world”. She shared. “If there is a good story and a good script, I want to work in Nepali cinema. I have a strong desire to work in Nepali cinema”.