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LoF organized awareness campaign in Sindhupalchowk turned the most effective

The Nepal Weekly
August 29, 2023

Land Our Future has organized a very wonderful and mesmerizing event in Indrawati rural municipality, Sindhupalchok last week. The environment and heath based awareness campaign began with a field visit to Gufa Dada of Sindhupalchok district.

This hill located in Melamchi Municipality-9, Sindhupalchok. Gufa Dada is a land with clean climate having religious, cultural and archaeological significance. The area with scenic beauty, has a huge tourism potential. However, this has not been able to shine much because of the geographical remoteness, lack of infrastructure and lack of publicity. The first National Climate Change Conference was organized at the scenic Gufadanda in 2019. The President Bidya Devi Bhandari, inaugurating the conference, underscored the need to keep nature at the forefront while preparing development plans.

Another important destination was Okhreni, which lies in high altitude. The cold climate and the green environment touch everyone’s heart. There is Himalayan Homestay in that region having excellent facilities. According to former Environment Minister Sunil Manandhar, “kiwi and apple farming, tea plantation and lauth salla (Taxus Wallichiana) plantation was really the centre of attraction here and this has added more beauty to the Okhreni. Then team visited the Gumbas in nearby region. The region is densely populated with the Tamang community and their hospitality, authenticity and humble nature truly touch our soul. These reflects the beautiful norms and values of Nepalese culture. The awareness campaign was based on overall environment protection, mental and physical health wellbeing in both in Panchakanya adharbhut school and Rajeshwori Higher Secondary School located in the area. The local students were really receptive towards the programme. Environment Protection, Forest and Biodiversity, Agriculture, Soil and watershed Management, Climate Change Resilience and Sustainable goals, are some of the important topics of the program. Besides the issues related to mental and physical health were also included. Overall trip concluded with full of joy, new hopes, positive energy and strong motivation to establish successful brand movement.

By Shiksha Khanal