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Coca-Cola Nepal Celebrates Saksham 2.0

The Nepal Weekly
August 29, 2023

Coca-Cola, in partnership with Atelier Platform, has successfully completed Saksham 2.0 “Young Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator and Mentorship Program.” This initiative forms a significant component of Coca-Cola Nepal’s Women Empowerment Program, Saksham, which aims to offer comprehensive support and guidance to women-led startups and potential ventures in Nepal.

The applications were received from 1000+ women entrepreneurs from Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan district. From the pool of applicants, 8 finalists were selected based on their innovative concepts and potential for the idea’s success.

The selected finalists included Ms. Brinda Dewan, Kehikrafts; Ms. Menuka Gurung, Duluwa Outdoors; Ms. Prakrit iBasyal, South and Southeast Project; Ms. Rashi Maharjan, Ms. Rozina Baral, Searched; Ms. Sarala Maharjan, Sakal Naturo – Multi Purpose Cleaner; Ms. Shanti Rai of Greenspace Nepal; and Ms. Yaju Maharjan of Swachha Mahinawari.

Mrs. Ritu Gurung, Founder of Atelier Platform, expressed her contentment with the program, stating, “Through the Atelier Program and our collaboration with Coca-Cola for Saksham 2.0, we are paving a path where young female entrepreneurs can cultivate their aspirations into reality, rather than merely dreaming about them. These entrepreneurs are crafting a dynamic canvas of success, fuelled by their unwavering determination and enriched by knowledge. Every brushstroke of ambition paints an incredible portrait of empowered women propelling business innovation and transformation.”

The Saksham Training Program concluded on August 18th 2023. Different innovative concepts and business plans from women entrepreneurs were presented before a prestigious jury consisting of accomplished professionals. The panel of judges consisted of Ms. Prasanna Basnet, Founder, Cotton Mill Nepal; Ms. Sneha Rajbhandari, Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola Beverages Nepal; and Ms. Trishagni Shakya, Executive Director, KGH group.

After a thorough evaluation by the judges, Ms. Menuka Gurung – Duluwa Outdoors, Ms. Rashi Maharjan- Learner’s Room and Ms. Sarala Maharjan- Sakal Naturo Multi-Purpose Cleaner were declared the winners and received a monetary reward of NPR 100,000 each. The top three winners were granted equal financial support to propel their initiatives forward and bring them closer to their goals.

“The Young Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator and Mentorship Program exemplify our commitment to fostering women’s entrepreneurship and contributing to sustainable growth in Nepal. Empowering female entrepreneurs is essential for the holistic development of communities and economies and we are immensely grateful for your continuous support that motivates us to keep conducting such progressive projects,” says Mr. Deepak Senthil Nath, Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Limited.