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The number of tourists in Lumbini increases by four times

The Nepal Weekly
August 22, 2023

There has been a significant growth in the number of foreign tourists visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Compared to last year, the number of tourists has increased up to four times. The number of tourists coming from China and South Korea has improved the most.

Altogether 432 tourists came from China in 2022. As of July 2023, two thousand 5 hundred people have come from China. Six hundred and 17 people came from South Korea in 2022, 3 thousand 72 people have come here in 7 months of this year. According to the Lumbini Development Trust, there has been a significant increase in the number of people visiting from Thailand, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

In 2022, 1,495 tourists came from Myanmar. This year, 5 thousand 424 people have come in 7 months. 1 thousand 885 tourists came from Sri Lanka last year and 6 thousand 200 have come so far this year. 4 thousand 380 tourists came from Thailand last year, 8 thousand 423 have come in 7 months this year. According to the fund, 23 thousand 992 foreign tourists from 96 countries came to Lumbini in 2022. In seven months of 2023, 36 thousand 997 tourists from 67 countries have come. In 2021, only 1,197 foreign tourists from 68 countries came here.

This year, tourists from Australia, Bhutan, Cambodia, Canada, Japan, Italy and the Netherlands have increased. As of July this year, 5 million 60 thousand 325 Nepalese, Indians and foreigners have visited Lumbini. In 2022, 6 million 49 thousand 78 Nepalese and 230 thousand 863 Indians visited Lumbini. During the corona pandemic period, the number of foreign tourists in Lumbini was almost zero. But Lumbini witnessed increasing number of tourist arrival tourism entrepreneurs here have become very much excited and happy.