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Planting more and more trees is the only way out from climate crisis

Julin Baruah, India

The Nepal Weekly
June 27, 2023

How do you like this climate change conference?

– This is very good. We need to have this short of conference very frequently so that the new generation can really become aware about it, which is the need of the hour. Because global warming is happening every where. And we being the senior or the learned people should make understand the younger generation to look after the things in the long run.

What are the major climate issues in your country ?

– Basically in today’s time in India, the climates have changed a lot like we are having very hot and humid weather. We have experienced drought and floods time and again. Lots of things are happening here because of the climate change in recent time. People across the country are trying, the government is also trying its level best to minimize the impacts. It is the world power who have to collaborate together to do the things in a proper way.

What do you think are the solutions to this issue?

– Basically you have to plant trees and we have to look after them. Only by planting trees will help. You have to look after them at least for 3-4 years. That is the only solution which can help in the long run.

How this regional cooperation will help to tackle the situation?

-We are here together in Nepal for climate action. We are from nine nations, right from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka. Its like the collaboration of the mindsets because people have to understand the importance of this entire changing patterns of climate. So, for that we have to collaborate and we have to move together hand in hand. Then only we can succeed.

How would you utilize the recommendations or conclusions of this conference?

– We are going together hand in hand with everyone. First of all we are collaborating with a network of nine countries, which is of utmost importance. We have to look after the climatic changes taking place in our nine countries. For that the people of the region have to understand the importance. We all need to make people aware. We need to make people understand from school age to the college about its importance. In this way everybody in the grass-root level understands then only things will be better. Lots of events are going to be happened so, lots of collaborations have to be done. Then only we can move ahead.

Do you belong to any organization?

Yes, we belong to an organization called Nature Care and Tourism Education Foundation. And I am the founder president. We are basically working for conservation of One-horned Rhino in hour area, which we found in Kajiranga. We work for that and that is also part of mitigating climate change impacts. We are making people aware of wildlife in their day to day life. As One-horn Rhino exists only in Nepal and India in the entire world, we need to collaborate on this. At present, we have 2613 rhinos in India and the largest number is concentrated in Kajiranga National Park.