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My aim in life is to provide justice to animals, trees and rivers

The Nepal Weekly
June 12, 2023

The Nepal Weekly: What inspired you to participate in the Miss Nepal beauty contest?

Shrichchha: I have been always very passionate about taking care of environment. When I studied in the college and was almost about to graduate I was looking for an opportunity to work with a community. During that time I was considering to participate in Miss Nepal as a platform to reach wider group. But I never really thought about going to it until I came back to Nepal. Just three months ago my grand-father showed me the newspaper advertisement. I was around the last ones to submit the application to The Hidden Treasure for the participation. If I never tried I would never thought where this journey would lead me to.

What did yo learn during the two month long grooming up training?

Srichchha: I was very shy as a kid and I thought that I would take this as a challenge to push myself and try different thing. So, the beauty industry is very meaningful for me. But what I wanted to learn is to believe in myself. After learning from different inspirational speakers and our choreographer Rachna mam as well I knew what it means to believe in myself. And I also found lots of confidence growing in myself and gained lots of compassion in me so that I can spread it to the world.

TNW: Did you expect of winning the crown while participating in the beauty pageant?

Srichchha: I had a certain amount of faith that I would. I had thought that I would be able to achieve something. I didn’t obsess over winning or losing. What I wanted was every day throughout the two months training, I wanted to make sure that my advocacy is being heard out in the world.

TNW: So what do you think are the qualities you possess that led to win the Crown?

Srichchha:  I think my commitment to growth, every small action matters for me a lot. And its not easy definitely but making sure that I gave my hundred percent to every step, even though it might not be perfect. I stayed persistent to it but at the same time, being positive and making sure that those two months were joyful not only for me but for people around me as well. I wanted to be a positive person throughout and I think I showed that positivity on the stage and on my performance as well. I think that also helped me share my patience to the audience.

TNW: Everybody has one or the other kind of weakness. What weakness do you think you possess ?

Shrichchha: I am still learning make up and my walk, I am still improving in it but I come a long way in these two months. There is still possibilities of growth in me in areas like confidence, public speaking  presentation. Its very exciting because I enjoyed each of these activity. Even though I wouldn’t consider my weakness, but something I enjoy learning about. And to that I would always be committed to improving.

TNW: As a Miss Nepal what are your responsibility in the field of promoting Nepal’s tourism and wildlife conservation?

Shrichchha: Now I am the brand ambassador for Nepal Tourism Board and I was very excited about it,   because my first internship was as a travel writer and thats why I learned what it means to travel with environment and culture in mind. So, I think all these need to go side by side. Now eco-tourism plays very important role in Nepal’s economy as well as wildlife conservation. Because it involves the community as well and encourage them to learn more about whats in their surrounding whats so beautiful about their culture. As a brand ambassador I want to promote eco-tourism in the sense that ever individual has the power to create something attractive not only for the foreigners but for the surrounding people as well. I think its about creating possibilities and joyful environment.

TNW: If you compare before and after winning the crown what difference did you find in yourself?

Srichchha:  I think I am still Srichchha, still Tina (that’s what my family call me) as well. I think its very important for me to be in touch with myself because that’s the person who has led me to this pah. So, I want to be respectful to her. I keep in touch with that personality as well. Other than that I become more firm in my decisions and also the sense of responsibility has grown to now only my family and country but me as a person who wants to do something in this environmental field. The most exciting part is that even though people might view me as Miss Nepal, the animals and my pets that I have such a strong connection with, they still view me as the same person.

TNW: As you are going to represent Nepal in the Miss World beauty pageant next year how will you prepare yourself for the event and what type of theme will you present there ?

Srichchha: My theme through out the even has been very strong. I want to reflect what the world can mean about environment. I want to present decentralization of human in every climate action plan even in my video presentation making sure that the narrative is not overpowering and doesn’t neglect other creatures. I want to connect with international NGOs as well as Nepal’s existing NGOs. So working with them and creating projects and attending conferences so as to increase my international presence. Because, I think it helps me to stand out in the competition as well. And also stay tuned to my main purpose of sharing Nepal’s solution to the climate change.

TNW: What type of talent are you going to present there?

Srichchha: I am really interested in song writing. I want to do a mix of song writing and a video project for the visual purpose as well. I would also like to make an introduction video to share my story telling  about skills. I also want to present dancing, specially Bajrayogini dance, which is so important for our culture.

TNW: What is your aim in life?

Srichchha: My aim in life is to provide justice to animals, even trees and rivers as well as indigenous communities. I am looking at the world as multi-species justice.

TNW: What type of career would you like to choose? Are you interested in glamour field, environment field, social or political field?

Srichchha:  I think the most exciting aspect of being Miss Nepal is that it has not narrowed me down to a certain field. I want to intervene in different aspects, even in glamour field, I want to explore such things as sustainable fashion. Because I can voice for it as well. I want to work with NGOs for such projects which has multi-layers and integrates different platforms. That’s how I want to go forward.