September 22, 2023, Friday
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Service-delivery not prioritized

The Nepal Weekly
June 6, 2023
Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahar

By TNW correspondent

Service-delivery, although pledged by ruling parties several times in the past, could not get focused attention from the government in its two important documents for the fiscal 2023-24. As a result of the same, people are facing more problems on daily basis.

According to a senior politician, the sky-rocketing market price has troubled more people, particularly those with fixed income. “The vegetable price and the price of other basic needs has gone so high that people cannot afford to buy them. This has resulted adversely on their health.”

Medical service, another commitment of the ruling parties is another area in which people find difficulty. “The medicines which should be available in all pharmacies are not available whenever needed. Medical checkups are also difficult and expensive.”

The old practice of not getting fertilizer as and when farming needs it is continuing. Only those who have special connectivity with suppliers can get the fertilizer, said a farmer.

The problem of unemployment is getting serious day by day but the government has not yet been able to address it specifically. Finance Minister Dr. Mahat referred to It in the budget but did not work out appropriate scheme for addressing the same, said a youth not employed for the past two years. 

Education sector is another area in which people have not been able to get appropriate and timely service. Educating children well is the dream of parents but they do not get facilitated through government in this sector. The talk of free education is just a talk; it has not been translated into action.

The government should focus attention on the delivery of public services if it wants to earn people’s trust for its performance, said a media analyst.