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My duty to environment!

The Nepal Weekly
June 6, 2023

By Sanam

What is my duty to environment in which I live? This is the question which each human being or citizen should ask himself or herself on the World Environment Day, today, the fifth of July, 2023. The person concerned should self-answer the question not in language but in action.

The act could be varied: watering a plant, cleaning a section of river, not polluting air or not adding to the noise or not throwing plastic to a public place. All these could add to health of nature particularly that of soil, water and air – the foundation of what we call nature or environment.  Scientists would describe it, in their own sophisticated vocabulary, as steps in restoring ecosystem. 

The environment in which all living beings find a way for life, knowledge, relationships, profession and pleasure today demands some contribution from each one. Unless people take care of the environment its sustainability cannot be guaranteed for long.

The pressure of pollution of one kind or the other on soil, air, water and overall nature is already heavy and unless human beings, in their individual or collective capacity do something positive and substantial, the environment cannot remain healthy. “Resources available in the environment will not be able to cope with the increasing pollution”, say scientists.

Beat Plastic Pollution, the theme for celebrating World Environment Day 2023, is quite topical and relevant in today’s backdrop when plastic bags challenge the very existence of nature. Plastic matters or products, expert say, are damaging the oceans, forests and farm soils all over the earth. People should undertake anti-plastic move for preventing damage from plastics.

The Day should make all conscious of their duty towards nature besides informing them about the adverse effects of pollution and ever-increasing human population. It also reminds societies to be alert about global warming and climate change.

If the issues facing environment deterioration are ignored today, the future generation will have to suffer the worst consequences. Human civilization, warn sociologists, could receive irreparable damage; people would not get resources to satisfy their basic needs; nature would not be able to provide resources in a sustainable manner.

The mode of production and the style of consumption of goods and services should also be changed properly to enable nature to bring about balance between supply and demand.  Humans, scientists expect, should facilitate nature to make that balance sustainable.