September 22, 2023, Friday
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LoF team visits Muttha, the biggest hydroponic farm in Nepal

The Nepal Weekly
June 6, 2023

A team of Land our Future brand movement visited the Muttha, Nepal’s largest hydroponic farm situated at Thecho in Lalitpur district on June 5, the World Environment Day to acquire knowledge and skills about hydroponic farming system. On the occasion, Kushal Gurung, the chairperson of Muttha, informed the team led by Sunil Manandhar, former Minister for Environment, who is also the advisor of the LoF, regarding the scope and challenges of the hydroponic farming in Nepal.

Former Minister Sunil Manandhar, Kushal Gurung, TNW editor Shirish Pradhan and the team at Muttha

On the occasion, Gurung elaborated on how hydroponic farming system helps to grow pesticide free vegetables, save 95 per cent water, and is cost effective. Manandhar underlined the need to promote hydroponic farming in the context of Nepal, as it is helpful in growing organic vegetables in urban environment as well. Muttha can set an example in the modernization of agricultural sector in Nepal and can contribute towards bringing green revolution in Nepal, he opined. Muttha has established six storied hydroponic farming system in Thecho spreading over three ropanis of land with the investment of Rs 10 million setting a good example of smart farming in Nepal.