September 22, 2023, Friday
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LoF organizes plastic free potluck in Gokarna hill

The Nepal Weekly
June 6, 2023

On the occasion of world environment day 2023, the Land Our Future team has successfully organized a programme with the slogan “Solution to plastic pollution” on Saturday, June 3,2023. The team has organized the sustainable picnic “plastic free potluck” in a park situated on the Gokarna forest hill.

The programme was coordinated by Kanchan Kattel, an active the LoF team. The team was somehow successful to conduct picnic without the use of plastic, making it an eco-friendly event. All the members brought the homemade food and the utensils to avoid the use of plastic during the picnic.

It has become urgent to engage everyone in the environment conservation. The world is facing the extreme degradation of environment which is the reason of today’s unpredictable weather and unfavourable and nasty environment we, which are facing in this planet.

The recognition of absolute solution is needed to deal with the environment pollution. In the backdrop of deteriorating environment imagination of healthy and prosperous life is meaningless. We need to have dedication to bring revolution in the field of environment. There is a need to forge unity among the people to attain success in the environment protection. The land our future is the brand movement of the youths dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of land degradation, soil erosion, deforestation, climate change and the consequences of climate change on agriculture, food and water security, sustainable development, forestry, biodiversity and the over all environment.

Thus the Land our Future conducted plastic free sustainable picnic to deliver the message to the society to establish a sustainable environment. (By Siksha Khanal)