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Mustang prohibits use of glass beer bottles

The Nepal Weekly
April 4, 2023

Gharpajhong Rural Municipality of Mustang is banning the use of beer bottles. Issuing a notice the rural municipality informed that the use of glass bottles of beer will be prohibited in the area starting from April 14.

The use of beer bottles has been banned due to problems in their management. Gharapjhong Rural Municipality covers Marfa of Mustang, wards 8 and 9 of Tukuche and Jomsom.

The rural municipality has urged hotels, shops, tourists and locals within the rural municipality not to use beer bottles. According to Rural Municipality Chairman Mohan Singh Lalchan, the glass bottles of beer will not be sold in the village, nor can they be reused. The waste has increased due to lack of management, according to Singh.

“Since cost of transportation from here is very expensive, even scrap collectors don’t take the glass bottle and there was no point in putting them in the landfill site, he said. He, however, said that can beer be used instead. Locals and tourists can use glass bottles when drinking alcohol other than beer. He said that as beer can also be found in cans, the use of bottles has been banned.