December 10, 2023, Sunday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

In March, the largest number of tourists entered Nepal since the corona epidemic

The Nepal Weekly
April 4, 2023

In March 2023, 99 thousand 426 tourists came to Nepal. According to the data released by the Nepal Tourism Board, the highest number of tourists have entered Nepal since the corona epidemic started in March 2020. In this month of 2022, 42 thousand six tourists came and in March 2021, 15 thousand 254 tourists entered Nepal. Similarly, in March 2020, 42 thousand 776 tourist visited to Nepal. During the same period of 2019, 1 lakhs 27 thousand 351 foreign tourists entered Nepal.

 In March 2023, the highest number of tourists came from India, 25 thousand 911 . Similarly, 9 thousand 557 tourists came from America, 6 thousand 133 from Britain, 4 thousand 149 from Germany, 3 thousand 898 from Sri Lanka, 3 thousand 829 from Thailand, 3 thousand 635 from Australia, 3 thousand 9 from France, 2 thousand 635 from China and 2 thousand 639 from South Korea have entered Nepal.

There has been a 78 per cent improvement in the number of tourists entering Nepal in March compared to 2019. 33.6 per cent of the tourists who visit Nepal are from SAARC countries, according to NTB. 23.4 per cent of tourists came from European countries and 11.3 per cent from American countries. In January 2023, 55 thousand 74 tourists came to visit Nepal. Similarly, 73 thousand 255 tourists came to Nepal in February. Businessmen have been busy lately with the increasing influx of foreign tourists. Booking of internal and external tourists in hotels, resorts, homestays is going on in full swing.