June 6, 2023, Tuesday
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Coalition-load: too heavy to carry!

The Nepal Weekly
March 28, 2023

By TNW correspondent

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is struggling to reshuffle his cabinet because of high claims made by various small parties which supported him in the vote of confidence motion.

“The PM is trying not to displease any partner but the right formula for the same is missing. Most small parties are pressing hard for key ministries,” said a senior political leader close to the ruling coalition.

According to a senior leader, Nepali Congress the largest single party in the parliament, is, however, not pressing the PM for having more seats or key ministries in the government.

Giving the cabinet a final shape and finalizing the common minimum programme for ruling team are the priorities that PM Prachanda would like to complete this week. “Then the government will focus on the policies and programmes and the budget for the next fiscal year. “

Critics of the present coalition are in the meanwhile predicting trouble for the PM to continue with the small parties for long. “Their claim does not match their space in the parliament and the trust they got in the election,” commented a media analyst.

Some observers term the struggle that Prime Minister is doing at present is nothing new in Nepali politics. As all politicos seek to have power and money after being elected, such struggle is inevitable, they added.

“The sense of service that politicos should have as a fundamental characteristic is badly missing in Nepali politics for many years. Unless they change and get driven by the service motive things will not change and the leader of government will always find it difficult to carry on the load of coalition, said former member of parliament.