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Xi Jinping becomes the President of China for the third term

The Nepal Weekly
March 14, 2023

Xi Jinping has been elected as the President of China for the third time. The 14th annual session of the Chinese People’s Congress held in Beijing on Friday unanimously elected the 69-year-old Xi as the President of the People’s Republic of China and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC). About 3,000 members of the People’s Congress, which is the Chinese parliament, unanimously elected Xi as the president.

After being elected president for the third time, Xi is seen as the most powerful leader of China after Mao Zedong. Although the electoral process was adopted, it was already decided that Xi would be elected as the president. In 2018, after the provision in the constitution that the president cannot serve more than 2 terms was amended, the door was opened for Xi to become the president for the third time.

Xi became China’s president for the first time in March 2013. Then in 2018, he became the president for the second term. Since there is no term limit for becoming the president, it will depend on how long Xi will be the president of China.