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New run for old mission

The Nepal Weekly
March 7, 2023

With new coalition in politics, Nepalis are witnessing a fresh run for old mission of protecting constitution, parliament and all past democratic achievements from the risk of autocratic trends of some politicos. The Maoist Centre and the largest single party in parliament – Nepali Congress – have facilitated the re-shaping of democratic leftist partnership which includes among others Madhesh parties, CPN Unified Socialist and new parties. That eight party-partnership, politicos believe, will help NC candidate win presidency and offer yet another vote of confidence to Prime Minister Prachanda. It will also ensure three high ranking posts of the country for three old parties: Sheetal Niwas for NC, Singha Durbar for Maoist Centre and parliament for CPN UML. The same phenomenon, they argue, will be instrumental in producing a suitable atmosphere for working in parliament and government as per the people’s mandate in recent general election. The break-up of CPN UML-initiated coalition with Maoist Centre in nearly two months indicates return to pre-poll times, vulnerability of politicians’ transactional policies, and unpredictability of senior leaders’ move. People shocked by recent sea changes in coalition politics are doubtful about the continuity of the new coalition. Constituents of new alliance have tried their best to convince people and political parties that this time the new coalition will be a lasting one. The CPN UML the second largest party in parliament, now in opposition bench, will of course seek ways to break up the new partnership for its own interest of grabbing power. The same will not be that easy, assert the proponents of new coalition. One point in which the new coalition should focus on is the political stability for the country. If this could not be achieved the issues of good governance and delivery of services to the people will not be addressed properly once again. That will create a scenario in which the country’s politics will be a plaything for PM Prachanda, Deuba and Oli. They will do whatever satisfies their ego and whatever serves their personalized political goal. Burning problems related to unemployment, rising cost of living, corruption and lack of accountability among the service-providers will remain unaddressed adding to their pains. It is time youths and new parties’ leaders understand the risk and do whatever is essential for not allowing the trio repeat whatever nonperformance they exhibited in the past. All should understand that times have changed now and politics should deliver something substantial for the people in real time.