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Urmila Aryal elected the Vice Chair of the National Assembly 

The Nepal Weekly
February 7, 2023

Urmila Aryal of the CPN-Maoist Center has been elected unopposed as the vice-chairperson of the National Assembly. As Aryal was a single candidate, she was elected to the post unopposed. During a meeting of the Upper House on Monday afternoon, Ganesh Timilsina, chairman of the National Assembly, announced Aryal was elected unopposed. She was the only candidate after the main opposition Nepali Congress decided not to contest. Narayankaji Shrestha, leader of the CPN-Maoist Center parliamentary party in the National Assembly, had proposed Aryal’s name which was supported by Lawmakers Devendra Dahal and Khimlal Devkota. After the term of the then Vice chair Sasikala Dahal ended, the post had remained vacant for the past one year. 

Aryal became a member of the National Assembly on behalf of the Maoists in the elections held a year ago. Aryal, who joined Maoist in 2070, was active in UML before that. She became the Minister of Women, Children and Social Welfare on behalf of UML in 2063 BS. Aryal was a candidate in Parsa on behalf of CPN Maoist Center in 2070 and 2074. She is now a permanent committee member of CPN Maoist Center.