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The first international Nepali ‘reality show’ starts in the USA

The Nepal Weekly
January 31, 2023

Mero Voice Universe and Mero Dance Universe, the first international ‘reality show’ in which Nepali singing and dancing talents from all over the world compete, has started from Ohio, USA. The president of the foundation, Dilli Adhikari, inaugurated the first audition for both shows organized by the Intra-National Welfare and Support Foundation of America in the city of Columbus, Ohio, USA, on Saturday night. The first audition of both the shows, which were inaugurated in the presence of the contestants, their relatives and the local Nepali-speaking community gathered in Columbus from different cities of America and Canada, was completed on Sunday evening. One hundred and eighty-seven contestants in singing and 76 contestants in dance from the US and Canada applied for participation. In this first audition of Nepal’s first international level, 15 contestants who scored the highest in the singing category have been selected for the ‘Sightless Audition’. There will be a competition between them in Kathmandu.

 For dance, another audition is scheduled to be held on February 5 in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. From that audition, the top 12 will be selected and sent for the siteless audition in Nepal. For music Musician and singer Keshav Paudel, singer Nalina Chitrakar and singer Arjun Rasailly were judges and for dance Actor Dilip Rayamajhi, dance instructor Shankar BC and dance instructor Narman Rai were the judges.

 Nepali-speaking Bhutanese young businessmen are participating in this foundation, which is registered as a non-profit social service organization in the United States. The last date of registration for other countries of the world except America and Canada has been kept until January 31, while the European auditions will be held in Belgium on February 11 and 12. To participated all contestants must be of Nepali origin and contestants must speak Nepali. The foundation said that for both competitions, contestants must be at least 18 years of age, at the time of the audition, the official identity card showing the contestant’s age must be shown at the audition venue, each episode of both contests will start with a presentation of Nepali culture and national spirit, and senior personalities and artists from Nepali art and cultural fields will be honored in each episode.

 The Foundation will pay the travel expenses of all the contestants who are selected through the auditions from America, Canada, Europe, Thailand, Australia, Dubai of the United Arab Emirates and India who will be able to go to Nepal for the presentation. According to the organizers, food and hotel expenses will be arranged for the top 40 contestants and accommodation will also be arranged for the contestants who are going to Nepal for the competition from countries other than India and Nepal.