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KMC asks resident to pass a map for parking in private area

The Nepal Weekly
December 20, 2022

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)’s Superintendent of Police (SP) Rajunath Pandey has announced that the local residents are required to pass a map even for parking vehicles in front of a private residence.

While removing the vehicles parked on private land in the Anamnagar area on Sunday, the Metropolitan City insisted that they should have passed a map before parking vehicles on private land.

The Anamnagar area turned tense in Sunday morning after the locals protested KMC’s decision to remove vehicles parked on private land in the locality. The locals asked the representative of KMC not to take the law into their own hands after that they picked up the vehicles parked on private land.

Pandey insisted that it is necessary to show that a separate parking map has been passed even for parking vehicles in an empty space in front of any private residence in Kathmandu. The remark sparked serious controversy as the statement by the city police official did not go down well with the enraged locals.