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Nepali Congress will lead the next Government, says Singh

The Nepal Weekly
November 15, 2022

Since Nepali Congress party had led the peace process and drafting of the new constitution (in 2015), now its time to bring about economic revolution through proper implementation of the constitution and Nepali Congress is ready to shoulder the responsibility, remarked senior leader of Nepali Congress, who is also the NC candidate from prestigious Kathmandu – 1 constituency.

Now we are passing through an economic crisis and there is a need to bring about economic prosperity so that the ordinary people can taste the fruits of democracy and Nepali Congress will focus its attention towards that direction after the November 20 election, former Deputy Prime Minister Singh told PTI during an interview ahead of the Parliamentary and provincial level elections.

It is necessary to bring necessary laws to implement the constitution which has the provision of provincial government for the first time in Nepalese history, he pointed out. All the people are dreaming about making their life and livelihood easy and smooth and now the Nepali Congress will direct its all efforts towards the economic agenda so that the people will be happy and the country will be prosperous, he pointed out.

The five party alliance should work in collaboration to safeguard democratic achievements and bring back the constitution to right tract, which was deralied after then Prime Minister K.P. Oli dissolved the House of Representatives twice, Singh pointed out.

“We are contesting the upcoming Parliamentary and Provincial elections under the five party ruling alliance and the alliance is necessary even after we win the election,” he said. Leader Singh, an aspirant of Prime Minister, claimed that the new government to be formed after the election will be led by the five party alliance, which includes Nepali Congress, CPN-Maoist Centre, CPN-Unified Socialist among others. After concluding the election the top leaders of the ruling alliance will sit together and discuss the new situation and chalk out the road map regarding formation of the government under its leadership, he pointed out. THe alliance is required unless the constitution is brought to right track, he reiterated.

Singh also made speculation that the new government to be formed after the election will be led by Nepali Congress. “Nepali Congress will emerge as the largest party in the upcoming Parliamentary election and it is natural that the largest party will lead the new government.”

The ruling alliance has made electoral alliance in majority of seats during the forthcoming Parliamentary elections. Nepalese people will elect 165 Parliament members through direct voting during the Parliamentary elections. This will be the second Parliamentary and Provincial level elections after the promulgation of the new constitution which turned the country into a federal democratic republic. There are in total 275 seats in the House of Representatives out of which 165 will be elected directly and remaining 110 will be elected through proportionate voting system.

“Attaining economic prosperity for the country, maintaining transparency and good governance and checking corruption will be the priority agenda of Nepali Congress after winning elections,” he pointed out.

In a question regarding Nepal’s foreign policy under the Nepali Congress led government he said, we are situated in between the two great powers of 21st century India and China so we need to maintain a balance in our foreign policy. If there are disputes with any of our neighbours we will seek to resolve them through dialogue and democratic process, he pointed out. We will follow non-aligned foreign policy and balanced relationship, he added. “We will maintain good friendly relations with all the countries including the neighbours by keeping national interest and welfare of the people in focal point, SIngh said. “We need help and cooperation from all the friendly countries towards attaining development and economic prosperity for our country.”