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The book titled “Ganeshaman Singh Ko Sangharsa” was released on his 108th birth anniversary

The Nepal Weekly
November 15, 2022

A book based on the life of Ganeshman Singh, ºGaneshman Singh Ko Sangharsaº has been released on the occasion of his 108th birth anniversary at his residence, Chaksbari Chhetrapati. He was the Supreme Commander of Jan Andolan 2046 and a popular leader of the Nepali Congress. The 231-page book written by his younger daughter Dr. Mita Singh was released Thursday amidst a program organized by Ganeshman Singh Foundation at Chaksibari, Chhetrapati, Kathmandu.

 Throwing light on the book, Prof. Jayaraj Acharya, Nepal’s former representative to the United Nations, expressed his view that Ganeshman was not only an iron man dedicated to the cause of democracy, he was also an intellectual personality having political maturity. He also mentioned the important contributions made by Supreme leader Singh for the restoration of democracy through Satyagraha in 2042 and Jan Andolan in 2046 by providing capable leadership to the party even after the demise of the popular Nepali Congress leader BP Koirala. Another speaker, Hiranyalal Shrestha, former Ambassador of Nepal to Russia, expressed the view that even though Supreme Leader Singh looks strong from outside, he is very soft and friendly from the inside.

 Similarly, commenting on the book written by Dr. Singh about GM Singh, social worker Durga Ghimire pointed out that Ganeshman Singh raised the issue of economic revolution and equality after restoration of democracy and opined that the book will be useful and inspiring for today’s youth.

The book has been translated into Nepali from English so that today’s young generation can get information about the sacrifice, penance and struggle of Ganeshman Singh and get inspiration from it to contribute something for the country and society, remarked Dr. Singh, the author of the book.  The book is a Nepali version of “The Struggle of Ganeshman Singh” written by Dr. Singh published last year and has been translated by Anvika Giri.