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Kanyam offers skywalk for first time in Nepal

The Nepal Weekly
November 8, 2022

A skywalk tower (glass tower) has been built in Kanyam, a tourist destination of Suryodaya Municipality. Kanyam Kloud Private Ltd. has constructed and brought into operation the skywalk tower with an investment of Rs. 50 million to lure more tourists.

The Skywalk has been brought into operation with the investment of 16 women entrepreneurs associated with Kanyam Kloud. The structure built near the Kanyam tea garden on the Mechi Highway was jointly inaugurated by mayor of Suryodaya Municipality Rana Bahadur Rai, Deputy Mayor Durga Kumar Baral, actress Barsha Raut and singer Elina Chauhan.

Mayor Rai said that since Suryodaya Municipality is the only tourist city in Province 1, investment in tourism from the private sector is positive and will be instrumental to attract more tourists.

Stating that millions of rupees have been invested in the construction of infrastructure in the tourism sector, he said that possibility of further tourism promotion is being explored.

“We are continuously engaged in tourism development, the beautification of Kanyam, Antu will be completed soon, he informed.”Tourists will come not only from Nepal but also from India’s Darjeeling and West Bengal.

A tower with stairs has been built. About 4 meters wide and 7 meters long glass is placed at the top of the stairs. From where visitors can see different scenes of Nepal and India from the Skywalk.

Rita Bhusal of Kanyam Kloud informed that the tourists who came to Kanyam can climb the glass tower and observe the mountains and the plains along with the tea gardens.

According to Bhushal, tourists will be charged Rs. 500 per person while riding the skywalk. “Tourists coming to Kanyam will get to enjoy new things in Kanyam,” she added.

According to her, two children’s park swings and a restaurant are also being constructed along with the sky walk.Although the tower has the capacity to climb up to 22 people at a time, now only 8 people can be climbed. There will be a switch cover for the security of visitors, a record of the number of people on board and a security guard for the safety of sky walkers.

Kanyam is a famous place for domestic tourists. Here, tourists visit the tea gardens, observe, take pictures in the tea plantations and enjoy horse riding. Kanyam is now becoming active in taking selfies, making TikTok and shooting films.