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Nepal election 2022: significant

The Nepal Weekly
October 24, 2022

The forthcoming general election 2022 of Nepal is significant not only as a five-yearly periodic political event of having public mandate on national and provincial matters but also as an occasion which fortifies democratic, electoral and parliamentary process in the country.

Most of the speakers on polls and campaigners emphasize the point in different ways and style in public these days. According to a senior politician, the sustainability of electoral process in the country is always a concern for stakeholders of democracy because they have past experience of sorts of disruptions in the same on many occasions for varying reasons.

“If Nepal could maintain the culture of periodic electoral process over at least two or three decades the democratic institutions in the country would be strengthened. The same would be instrumental in bringing about the change in the country as per demand of new generations, changing society, times and technology,” they argued as they appealed for votes to people. Old-timer senior leaders of political parties who are seasoned but who could not so far be dynamic enough to be capable of making democratic practice and institutions institutionalized will also be motivated to develop skills of adjustment with changing trends and expanding aspirations of youths, they noted.

People at the grass-root level should understand the significance of the election, be familiar with the agenda it has, get appropriately informed about the choices before them prior to the time they exercise their great right to vote. Whatever the media and civil society do in this regard should contribute to enabling voters to make a right decision on candidates.

“The polls should produce an efficient pool of people’s representatives who could make a difference in law making and offering governance in delivery of distribution and other public services.”