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Rekha drove a rickshaw to people’s doorsteps to ask for votes

The Nepal Weekly
October 18, 2022
Actress Rekha Thapa joins RPP –

Rekha Thapa, the RPP (Rastriya Prajatantra Party) candidate for the member of the House of Representatives in Morang Region No. 3, has continued the door-to-door campaign. Thapa has completed the third day door-to-door program asking for votes from hard-working workers. In the door-to-door program held in Ward No. 11 of Belbari Municipality, Rekha drove a rickshaw and asked citizens for their votes. To maintain intimacy with the e-rickshaw driver workers who make a daily living, she drove the rickshaw and asked for votes from the voters.

Similarly, Rekha asked for votes by playing carom board with the youth who were playing carom board in Belbari Ward No. 11. It seems that the voters are more attracted by the various activities of Rekha during the house-to-house program. Due to his stubborn nature, such scenes are seen in the house. It seems that Thapa is having a double dialogue with the voters, breaking the old trend of going door to door and telling his story to the voters. She emphasized on listening to people’s complaints and addressing them.