December 8, 2022, Thursday
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Challenges before leaders

The Nepal Weekly
September 27, 2022

By TNW correspondent

All top leaders of political parties are facing the same problem: challenge of picking up final candidates for polls. Various aspirants amidst limited seats create uphill task for the leaders.

According to a senior politician, the problem is not new; it was there in the past as well, this time it has taken more intense form. Examining electability of candidates is another factor that is troubling leaders in all parties.

“Had the parties pursued internal democracy and competitive politics inside the party, cadre would have found opportunities to show their talent and electability. The same would have created a filter and evolutionary ladder inside the party for leadership positions and things would have been easy in final pick-up,” said the politician.

Political leaders are currently running their parties in their own way and at their convenience. The same has created conflict in various fronts attached to in-party competitive politics. The result is: a number of pressure tactics are being applied by party cadre to compel their leaders to listen to them.

Coalition partners are facing the same problem in a different way; extracting more seats for their party within coalition; electability of candidates is not prioritized as it should have been because of the bias and tilt of those in leadership positions, noted a media analyst.

Had the political leaders taken the path of political ideology sidelining the comfort of transactional politics as being practiced today, things would have been easier for them for all cadre in one party would think and act in a collective way and with a sense of public service. “But today none prioritizes public service through politics or politics not for individual gains,” added the analyst.

“Fulfilling individual aspirations through tactical move in party and getting power any way has been the norm today. The same is causing severe headache for all top leaders. In all parties there is a trend of parallelism for satisfying the ego of cadre.”

The issue will finally be settled through intervention of top powerful leaders any way said a politician analyzing the current trends of picking up those who are close to leadership. “A few would desert parties and offer candidacy as independent while others would have to accept what the leaders finally decide in the name of party’s ultimate interest.”