December 8, 2022, Thursday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Festivals and polls


The Nepal Weekly
September 27, 2022

Nepalis have to play participatory role in both festivals and polls this time. They have to be engaged actively in both and preserve the values of the great events. They do not have a choice to sideline any of the events for each of them is embedded with high noble values. The festivals have to be observed for they carry meaningful human values through cultural practices. Socialization and freedom from daily stress are what people could get if they observe the festivals in a right way. The same could facilitate them to focus on what they plan to do in life, business and hobby over the next year. The polls have to be honoured for they are the instruments through which people in general could participate in what is generally termed governance of the country. It is through their votes that Nepalis determine the shape of next five years in the country. Political parties, their leaders and cadre along with their supporters have to adjust their time for campaigning amidst festive atmosphere this time. Decent political campaigning is what is expected from all concerned. Fair way of observing festivals is what is also emphasized. If Nepalis take care of their time, culture and responsibility in a democracy they would be able to perform well this time. They could present an example of participatory democracy. Celebrating festivals in a time-honoured way and participating in polls in a democratic manner, they could open ways for the country to go forward. Those who are in positions of power and public duty have also a duty: to facilitate people in general to play their role actively and positively in both Dashain, Tihar and polls for parliament and provincial assemblies. They should be double careful in not abusing their power in this regard. Creating situation for people to enjoy the festivals and opening opportunities for people to participate in the most important activity of polls – electoral process is their prime duty. One additional duty – serving those who are suffering from dengue – fever and helping others to prevent the same disease – is also demanding time from the public and those in public positions at this particular time. The public health issue of preventing and treating dengue cannot be taken lightly. Nor could it be wished away. Medical facilities available in the country should be made easily accessible to the people suffering from the impact of the dengue.  Medicos are of course doing their best in this regard and the duty of the people and those in governance is to facilitate them in tackling the public health crisis. Once people are through these three challenges of observing festivals, participating in polls and controlling the public health crisis, they could develop a sense of confidence and resilience. The same could be effectively applied to nation building task over 2023 and 2028.