December 2, 2023, Saturday
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The great Hindu festival Dashain finally kicks off

The Nepal Weekly
September 27, 2022
Taleju Temple in Kathmandu -

The first day of “Navratri” is being marked yesterday by worshiping the deity Shailaputri in accordance with Vedic rituals and preparing for Jamara (barley shoots) by sowing maize and barley seeds in a jar filled with soil and cow dung for germination. 

 With the start of Dashain, there is a rush of people returning home from the capital.

Targeting the passengers who want to go home for Dashain, the government has opened the ‘Route Permit’ which will be applicable across the country from yesterday. This arrangement has been made so that it is easy for travelers to go to and from their respective homes till Dashain Purnima (Asoj 23rd). The Transport Management Department has stated that restrictions will remain in place on vehicles of prohibited sizes and types due to the special nature of a road.

Every year during Dashain, a large number of passengers leave Kathmandu Valley. Not only from Kathmandu but also from regional cities outside the valley and from the district headquarters, many passengers are going to their respective homes. Eighteen and twenty wheeler vehicles will not be allowed to run except for bringing essential goods. The department has decided to stop operations from Narayangadh to Kathmandu from 15th to 22nd. Many roads across the country have potholes due to rains this year. It is said that the road will continue to be blocked due to landslides in some places as the rain has not stopped.

As Dashain is approaching, businessmen have become active to increase the supply of goat meat in the valley. Imports have been increased rapidly in Khasi markets of Kalanki and Tukucha in Kathmandu. According to the government officials, 5,000 to 10,000 goats are brought and sold every day, while at other times they used to bring 2,500 goats per week. In order to prevent the trend of high demand for goats during Dashain and abnormal price increase, as in the past, the government-owned Food Management and Trade Company Limited plans to bring and sell around 1800 goats every day. The company has already decided to sell at a discount of Rs 10 per kg over the market price.