December 8, 2022, Thursday
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Dengue kills 29 people, infects over 24,000

The Nepal Weekly
September 27, 2022

The number of dengue patients has exceeded 24,000 within four months since the infection started. Which is the highest ever. According to the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, the infection has been confirmed in 24,492 people across the country so far. The department’s data shows that 29 people have died from dengue infection this year. In Bagmati province alone, the number of dengue infected has reached 19,000, which is about 78 percent of the total infections. Out of which, infection has been confirmed in 8,136 people in Kathmandu, 5,935 in Lalitpur and 2,275 in Makwanpur.

Even though more than 1,500 dengue infections are confirmed daily in Nepal, no further tests have been conducted on the spreading dengue so far.Virologists say that patients with symptoms such as body aches, muscle aches and headaches have started to increase at the community level along with hospital wards, but the problem is becoming dire if the infection is not taken seriously yet. Currently dengue infection is tested through RDT, but dengue type testing is ignored. According to the National Public Health Laboratory, it takes at least one and a half months to test the serotype of dengue that is currently spreading. Doctors say there is an increased risk of chikungunya and Zika infections from mosquitoes that spread dengue.

1,051 people infected with dengue in a single day – –

As many as 1,051 people have been infected with dengue on Monday. According to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), dengue has been confirmed among 25,543 people till Monday. Earlier, 24,492 people were infected with dengue till Sunday. As many as 32 people have died due to dengue infection so far.

According to the MoHP, the highest number of dengue infections has occurred in Bagmati province with 19,910 infections so far. Similarly, 2,887 people in Lumbini province, 804 in Sudurpaschim, 775 in province 1, 556 in Gandaki, 380 in Madhesh and 231 in Karnali have been infected with dengue. The government has been preparing to call it an epidemic as the number of people infected with dengue is increasing day by day in the country.