December 8, 2022, Thursday
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Special packages on World Tourism Day

The Nepal Weekly
September 27, 2022

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, various stakeholders have announced a package to give special ‘offers’ to foreign tourists coming to Lumbini province on 27th September. Giving special importance to the World Tourism Day, which has been celebrated with the  slogan of ‘Rethink Tourism’(paryetan ka lagi punarbichar garau) such a package has been announced under the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism, Rural and Urban Development Lumbini Province in collaboration with various organizations related to the tourism sector. To celebrate the World Tourism Day, the World Tourism Day Main Ceremony Committee formed by the Ministry of Tourism, Rural and Urban Development has also held a press conference in Bhairahawa with the participation of journalists from Nepal and India to inform about the program.

Tourism businessmen have also announced a package to honor the four foreign tourists who arrive first at Belhia Pass and Gautam Buddha International Airport located in Bhairahawa on October 11 and provide free hotel and travel. The government and businessmen have promised to give a special ‘offer’ for six months.

On the occasion of Tourism Day, hotels in Rupandehi are going to give 20 percent discount. Likewise, the businessmen have announced that they will continue the program by giving special priority to the night market and tour packages. Belhia has been celebrating this day every year on September 27 by doing various activities related to tourism. Since 1980, every year on September 27, World Tourism Day has been celebrated with various programs around the world.