December 8, 2022, Thursday
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Nepal Telecom’s Dashain offer

The Nepal Weekly
September 27, 2022

On the occasion of Dashain, Nepal Telecom provide Dashain offers with various data and voice packs and bonuses on recharge from Sunday, September 25. The company said that these offers will be available till October 9. Under the data pack, 20 GB data can be used within 10 days for 294 rupees and 6 GB data can be used within 3 days for 98 rupees. Similarly, the company said that a data pack of 1 Mbps that can be used unlimitedly for one day and an unlimited voice pack on the internet will be available for just 49 rupees. These packs can be used anytime.  Similarly, data pack will be provided as a bonus when recharging through MPOS during the period of receiving the offer. According to the company, 500 MB data pack which can be used within two days when recharging between Rs.200 to Rs.499 and 1002 MB data pack which can be used within four days when recharging above Rs.500 is. According to the company, 200 minutes of free voice over LTE service, which can be used for 28 days, has been provided to customers who subscribe to the Volte service for the first time.