October 2, 2022, Sunday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Observing the Constitution Day


The Nepal Weekly
September 20, 2022

As the Constitutional Day 2022 was observed on Monday people, parliamentarians and politicos reflected on both achievements and failures that Nepalis witnessed over the seven years following the republican constitution. Some very important lessons emerged out of the exercise: federalism could not be practiced well during the time; centralized mindset of those in power at the centre did not allow federalism to be implemented in real sense; people’s right guaranteed by the constitution in an elaborate manner could not be ensured; federal structure of civil service, education and other sectors could also not be developed. These failures had adverse impact on the performance of provinces and local governments at municipality levels. The instability in politics and government further worsened the performance scenario and the public service delivery during the past five years. Leaders with high ambitions for power could not agree on one common programme for strengthening parliamentary democracy, federal governance system and nation-building-development modalities. Learning from weaknesses of the past all the people, parliamentarians and politicians should now focus on making the best use of the forthcoming parliamentary and provincial assembly polls. People have to contribute to the electoral process by participating in it, selecting better candidates in an informed way. They have to use their decisive power of voting for the betterment of the whole society. Parliamentarians have to make determination for using the floor of the new (to be elected) parliament – formulating appropriate laws, scrutinizing government and pushing development agenda –  for changing the Nepali society or responding to the current needs of modern Nepali society. Politicos have to demonstrate a sense of service to the people and society by not concentrating only on power or the agenda of grabbing the same. If the trio could perform well this time the next five years 2022-2027 could be different from the standpoint of service delivery, change and stability. The next two months are therefore very important for all Nepalis; the same could define the shape and structure of future of the country. Indifference in this regard will compel Nepalis to be further behind in progress and change. The same would be instrumental in weakening the country and people as a whole. In the historic day such as Constitutional Day all should resolve to do something different and positive to bring about sustainability of democracy and progress in nation-building-development works.