October 2, 2022, Sunday
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Dengue claims 20 lives, over 16,000 got infected

The Nepal Weekly
September 20, 2022

The number of people infected by dengue has been on the rise in Nepal of late. According to the data provided by the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, so far dengue has claimed 20 lives Sept 18.

According to the data so far, the number of dengue-infected people has reached The number of people with dengue residing in Lalitpur has reached 4,603. In Kathmandu the number is 4,454 and in Bhaktapur the number of people infected by dengue is 713.

Outside the valley, Makwanpur has seen the highest number of infections at 1,597. Similarly, 994 people have been infected in Dang, 659 in Rupandehi, 410 in Chitwan, 292 in Gulmi, 188 in Darchula and 152 in Kavre. The number of infected in other districts is less than 100 according to the data furnished by the division.

Health experts have said that the number of dengue infections may increase for a couple of months. As the main way to avoid dengue is to avoid mosquito bites, experts suggest to keep the environment around the residence clean, prevent collection of water around homes and take health precautions.