October 2, 2022, Sunday
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CNI to host Women’s Leadership Summit

The Nepal Weekly
September 20, 2022

Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) is organizing Women’s Leadership Summit – 23 on January 13, 14 and 14 in Kathmandu. The three-day international summit is being organized at the initiative of Women Leadership Forum of CNI with a view to empowering women.

The summit will identify impacts of Covid – 19 on women, and hold discussion on ways to mitigate the impacts. The forum will serve as platform for sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge among women working in different fields in the society.

During the summit papers will be presented on various topics such as women’s leadership, contribution of women on economy and women as catalyst for change.

National and international women personalities who have played transformational role and made valuable contributions in social, political, economic and environmental areas will participate in the event.