September 25, 2023, Monday
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Now we should move forward towards economic revolution: Singh

The Nepal Weekly
September 20, 2022

Former General Secretary of Nepali Congress Prakash Man Singh garlanded the statue of Ganesh Man Singh at Sobhabhagwati in Kathmandu on Sunday marking the 25th memorial day of Supreme Leader of Nepali Congress, Singh, who led the Peoples Movement of 1990.

Speaking on the occasion Singh said that Nepali Congress will get the mandate from the people to implement the Constitution of Nepal promulgated in 2015. It is necessary to bring economic revolution in the country as envisioned by GM Singh, to make peoples life convenient and trouble free, pointed out Singh.

In order to address the problem of unemployment in the country there is a need to relate the education to skill development, he pointed out. For this we need to establish vocational and skill development training centre in all the 165 constituencies across the country, Singh said.

In question put forward by media on the occasion leader Singh said, the Nepali Congree party will allocate seats in the forthcoming federal and provincial elections to the satisfaction of all the coalition partners.