September 23, 2023, Saturday
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National Numismatic Currency Museum opens for public

The Nepal Weekly
September 20, 2022

Coins play a significant role in validating history, culture, and civilization of the country.  So it is also important to remind us about our history.

Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Jeevan Ram Shrestha inaugurated the National Numismatic Currency Museum on Thursday. The museum has been opened for the general public since the day. During the opening “The story of Nepali Moneyº was also unveiled. In the museum, along with coins dating back 6th century BC, leather coins, copper and silver coins are also showcased.

The museum was opened for the public in December 1963 AD and was inaugurated by late King Mahendra Shah. And in 1993 this museum was shifted to Chauni. The coin collected in the museum are arranged in historical order and exhibited accordingly.

According to Govinda Neupane, an employee at the museum, although there are about 20,000 coins in the museum. But only 1,500 coins are on display on Thursday.

In the museum we can see ancient coin, medieval coin, coins belonging to the Shah dynasty and many more coins. The ancient coins are designed in many ways. Some coins are designed with royal epithet Maharajadhiraj (His Majesty the King) and the queen with their names. Beside the monetary coins, there are significant number of commemorative and celebratory coins in the exhibition. The museum also showcases the coin neckless which were popular among the Magar, Tharu, Rai, Tamang, Gaurung community. Beside conies and notes of Nepal the museum also includes some old and new coins from abroad. Cut seals coins are also the attractions in the museum.