December 10, 2023, Sunday
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Making Kathmandu livable


The Nepal Weekly
September 13, 2022

Kathmanduites are in recent days experiencing difference between rhetoric and practical initiative about making the capital city livable and workable. The newly elected Mayor, Balen Shah, an independent candidate who defeated institutionalized parties’ leaders in local municipal elections, has made himself visible and active at ground-level in the task of tackling problems facing city dwellers. Having worked out some ways to manage the solid waste in the city-areas, he is currently focusing on rendering footpaths walk-friendly for pedestrians and exploring ways to park vehicles conveniently. For this Kathmandu metropolitan city officials are pulling down unauthorized construction works in public places and clearing places designed as parking spaces. The footpath vendors have been approached not to disrupt the pedestrians’ mobility and encroach public places. The actions of the Mayor have made the city a bit different in a positive way and in a short time. The same should be rendered sustainable for ensuring Kathmanduites’ comfort in mobility, parking places and shopping areas. Places of historical importance and the renowned heritage sites have also drawn attention of the Mayor for appropriate preservation-measures. Because of the steps undertaken by the new Mayor, people could celebrate the lamp-lighting festival dedicated to the deceased and the Indra Jatra and Handi Gaon Jatra in a more comfortable manner than in previous years. If the Mayor could develop a system of smooth traffic flow including public transport inside the city and in its periphery, it would contribute to livability of the capital city. Adequate provisions should also be made for hospitals and health clinics, educational institutions, shopping complexes, industry/factory yards and greenery in the city for public health. While it will be difficult to change concrete jungle culture in a short time, it would be a sensible idea to make the city livable and workable in a sustainable way. The fresh initiative undertaken in this regard is good and should continue. All persons concerned should extend a hand of cooperation to the new initiative. No politics should be injected into it for disturbing the move. The elected local officials should display a high degree of understanding and cooperation for the Mayor’s new venture. They could come forward with their own plan for developing various wards inside the metropolitan city. City dwellers, media and civil society should also come forward with a sense of enthusiasm and hope for making the city life better and livable in a sustainable manner.