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In Nepal every day 18 people commit suicide

The Nepal Weekly
September 13, 2022

Suicide tendency among children in Nepal has increased in an alarming way. According to police data, on an average two children commit suicide every day. Seven hundred and nine children committed suicide in the fiscal year 078/79. According to the data, 2,830 children have committed suicide in the last five years.

There are incidents of some people committing suicide even when their parents scold them. Some children have committed suicide due to failure in exams and break in love relationships. Just last week, a boy and a girl died after falling from five floors in Baneshowr. After the preliminary investigation, the police came to the conclusion that they might have committed suicide jointly due to their unsuccessful love affair.

Overall, there are more men than women who commit suicide in Nepal. However, at a young age, the number of girls is twice as high as boys in committing suicide. In the last financial year, 256 boys committed suicide, while the number of girls is 456. Similarly, in the financial year 077/78, 470 girls and 294 boys committed suicide. According to police data, 251 boys and 499 girls committed suicide in 076/77, 189 boys and 270 girls in 075/76, 189 boys and 137 girls in 074/75.

 Overall, the number of suicides is higher among men. In the last fiscal year, 2,261 women committed suicide while the number of men was 3,860. In the previous financial year, the number of women who committed suicide was 2,449 and the number of men was 3,928. According to police data, 18 people commit suicide on an average in Nepal every day.

Suicide is becoming a major problem worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, around 7 lakhs people commit suicide every year. Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated on 10th September every year. Nepal along with other countries in the world observed Suicide Prevention Day on last Saturday.