December 6, 2023, Wednesday
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NICCI delegation congratulates newly appointed Finance Secretary Pushkar

The Nepal Weekly
September 6, 2022

A delegation team lead by President of NICCI Mrs. Shreejana Rana comprising Sunil KC, VP, Harkirat Singh Bedi, VP, Ramesh Sharma, Secretary General, Kunal Kayal, Treasurer, Keshab Man Singh Director Genera and Marshal Rathour, Deputy Director met newly appointed Finance Secretary Krishna Hari Pushkar at his office, Singhadurbar on September 2, 2022. The delegation congratulated Pushkar for his appointment as a new Finance Secretary of Government of Nepal. During the meeting the team led by Rana briefed him about NICCI and the role played by NICCI to bring FDI from India in 90’s and till today the NICCI is still working to revive those year in coming days as well, according to a press release issued by NICCI.

Delegation team further briefed that India is the single trading partner of Nepal that accounts 2/3 international trade of Nepal, 100% transit affairs related to bilateral trade and  90% transit affairs of third country are via India, 40% FDI is from India, 20% tourists are from India and India being the next door of Nepal trade as most of the imported  industrial and consumer goods imports also come from India, and most of Nepal’ exports also go to India.

“Above all now India is also becoming development and trading partner of most awaited electricity and NICCI is playing the role of a facilitator on these activities from the very beginning of its establishment some 29 years ago. NICCI is the only bilateral body playing role for the promotion of bilateral economic activities from private sector in Nepal,” highlighted the delegation during the meeting.

The team also informed the Secretary that, to promote bilateral tourism between Nepal and India, NICCI is also looking after the Joint Working Group meeting for promotion of bilateral tourism. 

“Since NICCI is focusing and planning on bringing more FDI from India A team informed  Secretary that, NICCI is preparing for its Mega flagship event NEPAL-INDIA PARTNERSHIP SUMMIT, in which, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Nepal Investment Board, both the embassies have agreed to be part of the Summit and since Ministry of Finance is main Govt. agency working on the economic development of the country, NICCI also wished Ministry to join hand and extend support to this event and other Programs planned and organized in days ahead. 

During the Courtesy Call, NICCI team also requested the government that since NICCI is the most vibrant Bi-National Chamber of Commerce working on promotion of Nepal-India Economic Relation and Cooperation, and since all major Indian joint venture companies are associated with NICCI as active members including other Nepali Companies doing business with India from many sectors, NICCI looks forward active participation and support from Finance Ministry in the programs organized by it and similarly requested the Secretary to include NICCI as a major stakeholder for bringing FDIs from India and provide space in every programs and projects organized or initiated by Ministry of Finance in coming days.  Acknowledging the greetings and best wishes expressed by NICCI newly appointed Finance Secretary Pushkar has informed the delegation that he is familiar with the NICCI when he was in Nepal Embassy in New Delhi and appreciated the work done by NICCI in past as well as at present and assured full support to NICCI in all its endeavours.