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Tourism Minister discusses Nepal’s tourism promotion with European TV producers

The Nepal Weekly
September 6, 2022

Television journalists and tour operators from the European country Italy held a meeting with Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Jeevanram Shrestha on Friday. During the meeting they promised to run a promotional campaign on Nepal in Italy to help uplift Nepal’s tourism. During a meeting held at the ministry on Friday, Italian travel TV producers, documentary makers and tour operators said that they are willing to promote Nepal in Italy, according to sources close to minister Shrestha. They said that in order to make Nepal’s natural and cultural diversity known to the world and to increase the inflow of foreign visitors to beautiful places in Nepal, they will produce free documentaries and television programmes on Nepal.

They also say that the lack of direct flights from Nepal to Italy and the lack of a diplomatic mission have caused problems to Italian tourists who want to visit Nepal. Bruno Allegi, who is running a tourism business in Italy and Morocco, said that he would help to run a promotional campaign about Nepal in Italy. Television program producer Ubaldo Petrosino said that he would promote Nepal by creating messages in Italian language.

Minister Shrestha said that Nepal has a lot of potential from the point of view of tourism. According to Minister Shrestha, the message is going to be conveyed to the world market that Nepal is not only suitable for mountain tourism, but is also popular among international visitors due to its natural beauty, cultural heritage, ethnic and biological diversity. The Italian Travel TV producers, documentary makers and tour operators said that they are interested in shooting film in various locations in Nepal to produce video messages in the local language of Italy.