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Hanumandhoka to Swoyambhu can be made ‘Heritage Route’: Minister Shrestha

The Nepal Weekly
September 6, 2022

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Jeevan Ram Shrestha mentioned that the traditional walking route from two World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu – Hanumandhoka to Swoyambhu can be a ‘Heritage Route’ where tourists can discover various cultural sites en route. He was speaking recently at the closing ceremony of the local tourist guide training conducted first ever to build capacity among local youths on the sites and surrounding in the ‘Heritage Route’. “This is a unique route which connects two very important World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley” he added.

A total of 30 local youths were trained in the capacity building programme. The trained guides were imparted architectural, historical, social and religious values of the temples. monasteries, inns, stone waterspouts, gardens, rivers and ponds.

The route stretches 2.2 km in length with a variety of valuable heritage sites and surroundings.