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World’s smallest smart EV charger EO Mini is available in Nepal

The Nepal Weekly
August 30, 2022

World’s smallest smart electric vehicle charger is available now on Nepal. Paramount Motors Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of MG Motors in Nepal has launched this device for the first time ever in the country. It is specially designed for space and energy conscious EV owners around the world.

EO Charging (EO) is a British provider of technology-enabled charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets. It designs and manufactures EV charging stations and hardware-agnostic cloud based charge point management software. EO was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in the UK.

EO’s technology is used by a number of the world’s largest businesses and fleet operators including Amazon, DHL and Tesco, and distributes to over 35 countries around the world.

The company also partners with several manufacturers as a preferred charging partner for new vehicle customers, including Mercedes Benz vans. As of December 2021, EO has installed 60,000 charge points mainly in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

At EO, believes that humans come first, technology after. It understands that powering electric vehicles can feel complicated at times. That’s why EO people are always there to lend a helping hand – to each other, to our partners, to our customers, EO mentions.

EO is on a mission to become the global leader in charging electric van, truck, bus and car fleets. It is working to create a new charging ecosystem which gives businesses and individuals the power of energy autonomy, EO further says.

The EO mini has a simple electrical installation and comes with Integral 6mA DC leakage detection and does not require Type B RCD. The EO mini also has adjustable 6 amp to 32 amp based on user’s home power input connection. One of the smallest on the market at 175MM X 125MM X 95MM.

EO mini include having a universal socket or tethered (black only) and a power rating of up to 7.2kW (Single Phase). The compact charger comes with a 1-year warranty and is available for an introductory price of Rs. 85,000.