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General Election 2022


The Nepal Weekly
August 16, 2022

The General Election 2022 for parliament (House of Representatives) and seven provincial assemblies is significant for it could pick up the leadership-team (275 parliamentarians, 550 assembly members) which has the capacity to initiate the change needed in contemporary Nepal. Voters have to bear in mind the significance of the poll and exercise their right for a right cause. They possess the right to reject those who promised but failed to deliver in the past. By using their votes in a proper manner Nepalis could pick up politicos who could work out strategy and policy to strengthen the foundation of federalism. The first round of federalism-practice has given the people a sort of practical experience which they should use most for making judgment on electing their representatives in 2022. A thorough evaluation of the past five years particularly the performance of those politicians who were in power and posts should be done by voters prior to their participation in the electoral process in November. The simple policy of not rewarding those who performed least and worst could be followed; encouraging the best practice and honest performers could be pursued; poll times are after all meant for voters to take decisions. Democracy-facilitators or institutions – formal and informal – should in the meanwhile come forward impartially and inform people in a right way. The same could be instrumental in enabling voters to make informed decision on the polling day. Media and civil society have a great role to play in it. History has assured Nepalis about voters’ wisdom. Most polls after 1990s have proved it. Each time Nepalis participated in polls their verdict had a pragmatic message. Because of this various parties got a chance to preside over Singha Durbar, the seat of Nepal Government: Nepali Congress benefitted from it;  so did CPN UML,  the Maoist Centre, United Left in different times. None however could offer the expected stability of government for a given period of time. Various sorts of intolerance and ambitions did not allow top politicians to practice real governance for fulfilling people’s aspirations. Learning lessons from all these, each voter should participate in the general election 2022. Various political changes which took place in the country over a span of the past 32 years could not make life for the general people different. This time people’s verdict should be so different as could be able to lay foundation for a stable government for five years and make development works in the country meaningful and effective. The same would facilitate the process of making people feel the change brought about by political change. It is time for ordinary Nepalis to decide what type of next five years they would like to have and what type of things they would like to avoid over the same period. A major decision-making indeed on November 20!