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The future of Nepalese cricket is very bright: Prabhakar

The Nepal Weekly
August 16, 2022

The future of Nepalese cricket team is very bright and prosperous, remarked newly appointed Indian cricket coach Manoj Prabhakar. Indian coach Prabhakar has already trained cricket players in Rajasthan, Delhi, UP in India and Afghanistan, where the team had performed better after his training.

This was informed during an interaction programme organized by Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) with the newly appointed coach in Kathmandu on Sunday. “The result of his training will be visible within 2, 3 months,” he claimed.

He ruled out the possibility of having groupism within Nepalese cricket team. We are now in a family, if you have group in the family than the family doesn’t get success, he pointed out. “If we work as a family it will be fruitful in future.”