December 10, 2023, Sunday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

New mountains will be open for climbing: Tourism Minister

The Nepal Weekly
August 16, 2022

Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Jeevan Ram Shrestha has said that climbing in new mountains that are not currently in use will be opened soon. Addressing the 32nd General Meeting of Nepal Mountaineering Association in Kathmandu on Sunday, he said that the government is preparing to grant permission for mountain climbing in new mountains ranging from 5,800 meters to 8,000 meters. According to Shrestha, mountain climbing will be allowed in the new region after reviewing which mountains can be climbed. If climbing is open to the new mountains, it would lead to increased number of adventure tourists, he pointed out. 

The government is preparing to organize the tourism sector by announcing the Visit Nepal Decade from 2023 to 2033, according to Minister Shrestha. “We are of the opinion that the government should give permission to climb new mountains for the development of the tourism sectorº. “Currently, the work is being carried out to give permission to climb our mountainsº. “In addition to that, the ministry has put forward a plan to provide permission for climbing virgin mountains ranging from 5,800 meters to 8,000 meters.