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Dabur to launch 1.8 kg family pack Chyavanprakash

The Nepal Weekly
August 16, 2022

Dabur Nepal will soon introduce sugar free Chawanprash in family box which is named as Chawanprakash. Abhay Gorkhali, Marketing head of Dabur Nepal, informed that this new family pack called Chawanprakash will be introduced in a big box of 1.8 kg so that it can served to the entire family members. According to Gorkhali, the sugar free Chawanprakash family pack will be available in the market within a month. Apart from this, preparations are being made to introduce one or two more new products in the market, he added.

Dabur has already brought 500 grams and 900 grams small and medium sized packets of Chawanprakash in the market. Dabur Nepal also introduced Real Mango Pet to the market recently. Under this, three categories of juices are available in mango, mixed fruit and pomegranate-cum-apple flavors.

Known as a tasty and fun juice with the tagline Real Pet Taste the Fun, these items are available in 200 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter bottles at 35, 85 and 150 rupees price tags respectively. Dabur Nepal, after acquiring permission from the government to expand its capital, produced Real Pet Juice and brought it to the market during the first stage of expansion of its production. Similarly, the company has launched three types of hair shampoos namely Black Shine, Thick and Long and Anti-Dandruff. These hair shampoos are available in 170 ml, 370 ml and 650 ml packets. Black shine helps make hair black and shiny, while Thick and Long makes hair long and thick. Similarly, according to Gorkhal, anti-dandruff helps to reduce dandruff. According to him, all those shampoos are made with 10 natural ingredients (herbs) such as amala, black olive, almond, etc. without using any chemical, and all the shampoos are under Dabur Batika brand name. Similarly, Gorkhali informed that Dabur’s natural herbal Dabur Red Paste has already become popular among the consumers.

 According to Gorkhali, currently, Dabur Red Paste has managed to occupy 30 percent of Nepal’s market. Last February, Dabur Nepal was given permission by the Investment Board of Nepal to expand production by investing an additional capital of 80 million US dollars. Dabur’s juice, cosmetic and herbal products are produced from its factory situated in Bara-based Jitpur Simara Municipality, while Dabur has also been operating a nursery for producing natural herbs in Banepa.  According to Gorkhali, the major part of Dabur’s real juice production is exported to India. Dabur Nepal exports Real juice worth Rs. 7 to 8 billion to India annually. He said that Dabur is the leader in exporting goods produced in Nepal to the foreign country. In Dabur Nepal, 900 people are getting direct employment and around 30 thousand people are getting indirect employment opportunities from Dabur.